Synthetic Turf

Now you can have the perfectly lush manicured lawn that you’ve always wanted – year round! It’s less costly than you think and you’ll be saving time and money. No more costly water bills or lawn maintenance tools and fertilizing products. No more wasted time mowing the lawn and weeding. Synthetic Turf can be a beautiful alternative to real grass.

The Synthetic Turf landscapes designed and installed by KCI, use only the best “made in America” products by ProGreen, a manufacturer serving San Diego County since 1987 with high quality synthetic turf that looks and feels like the real thing.

With your KCI Synthetic Turf you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without any of the work. Just sit back, relax and run your toes through your new, luxurious, low maintenance synthetic lawn!

As the California drought continues, it’s now more important than ever to develop landscaping projects that conserve water without losing aesthetic appeal. Professionally installed Synthetic Turf by KCI, is a great, low maintenance alternative that looks and feels like real grass at a fraction of the cost.

Commercial projects that are perfect for Synthetic Turf include:

  • Condominium and apartment complexes
  • Convention centers
  • Large public venues
  • Shopping centers
  • Children’s playgrounds and sporting fields
  • Pet-friendly facilities like dog daycares and dog parks
    And more . . .

Advantages of Synthetic Turf:

  • Saves money – lower water usage and reduce grounds maintenance costs
  • Increases property value – makes your property more marketable
  • Improved durability – especially in high traffic, common areas
  • Safe and non-toxic – removes and/or reduces public exposure to chemicals, allergens, insects and safety hazards like holes
  • Customization – creates limitless possibilities, especially when complimentary hardscapes are added

Evaluate – Plan – Collaborate – Execute

The best projects are those where the interests, objectives and practices of key team members are aligned.  Our experience in concrete has allowed us to build lasting relationships and networks as well as outstanding projects.