Smart, driven, fun and focused on one another’s success – its truly our people who make Keen’s culture one of a kind.

We are passionate about building, but know that part of the reward is working with each other, supporting each other and celebrating each other’s successes.

Keen Concrete is organized and positioned to perform a wide range of projects: from parking structures and office, to high rise structures, residential projects and everything in between.

From the newest laborer to the most seasoned veteran, we know it’s the people that make for great projects.

Comprised of years of experience, a multitude of knowledge, a passion for the industry and a love for family, we are not just Concrete Builders, but builders of fun as well!

We use the latest in technology in order to assure accurate quantities and quality project insight. Keen Concrete has worked hand in hand with Structural Engineers and to find ways of creating both value and a streamlined construction method.

Our goals include reaching professional engineering and overall task execution to find the best way of meeting and exceeding our clients and their projects expectations.

Keen Concrete is excited to become a partner and true member of your team.

Evaluate – Plan – Collaborate – Execute

The best projects are those where the interests, objectives and practices of key team members are aligned.  Our experience in concrete has allowed us to build lasting relationships and networks as well as outstanding projects.